Privacy Policy

The date of issue 28.11.2014

Website privacy policy according to Personal Data Act (523/1999) 10 §.

1. Data Controller

Hui Mei Trade Oy
Laivurinkatu 41, 00150 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 40 1709989
Business Id: 2372109-7

2. Name of the register

SiMei Silk’s customer register

3. Group of data subjects

Persons who are SiMei Silk’s customers or signed-up to the SiMei Silk’s customer register.

4. The purpose for processing the personal data

Personal data stored in the register is used for managing the relationships with customers and for managing, developing, data collecting, monitoring and analyzing customer service and other operations as well as to direct marketing and campaigns of SiMei Silk and its close partners.

Personal data collected may be used for marketing purposes pursuant to applicable laws, such as the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/1999) and the Act on the Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications (516/2004).

5. Content of the register

Information includes personal information on customers that are or have registered as SiMei Silk’s customer.

The following data is collected:

  • Name and contact info
  • Demographies
  • Permissions and prohibitions
  • Identifcation and account info
  • Interests and other info given by the customer
  • Purchase history
  • Other relevant customer info

6. Regular sources of information

Most of the information is collected from the data subjects themselves at the beginning of and during the customer or co-operation relationship. Updates to the personal data may also be received from authorities, organizations, companies offering updating services, public directories and other public sources of information.

7. Regular destinations of disclosed data and the transfer of data to countries outside of the European Union or the European Economic Area

SiMei Silk may disclose customer data within the limitations imposed by effective legislation. Data may be disclosed to SiMei Silk’s close partners, unless customer has denied it. SiMei Silk obliges said parties to keep confidential all personal data disclosed to them and to secure such personal data in an adequate manner; and on the basis of a claim based on mandatory legislation. SiMei Silk may transfer personal data outside of the EU / EEA countries for the realization of the purposes stated in this description of file; and SiMei Silk shall disclose or transfer personal data outside of the EU / EEA countries only to such companies, with respect to which SiMei Silk has ensured an adequate level of data protection by means of agreements or otherwise as required by applicable law. For technical reasons and practical reasons relating to usage, data may be stored on servers of third-party service providers, or such third-party service providers may process data on behalf of SiMei Silk.

8. The principles for the security of data

Tangible material (paper registration forms) is disposed after the data has been saved into the register. Use of the register within the Data Controller’s organization has been instructed, and access to the personal data file is restricted so that access to the information stored in the system and contained in the register and the right to use that information is only vested in those employees of the Data Controller who have such right on the basis of their work assignments. The data processing system is protected by data protection software for the operating system. Access to the system requires that each user of the register enters a user ID and password.

9. Right to personal data check

Data subjects have the right in accordance with the Finnish Personal Data Act 26§, to check what data SiMei Silk has collected of him/her. Data subjects may use their above rights by contacting SiMei Silk at the address stated in the beginning of this description of file or by personal visit to the above mentioned address.

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