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SiMei Silk Luxury Bedding and Accessories was established in 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. We provide luxurious, healthy, design and environmentally friendly natural silk products for home and bedroom.

We offer the best quality silk products and pay great attention to detail and service. Our mulberry silk is naturally hypoallergenic. We only use the finest AA-grade long-fiber mulberry silk in our silk duvets and silk pillows. Our Silk Sheet Bedroom and Bedding Series silk is made from thick and durable, 19-22 momme mulberry silk. Our products have the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate, a global certification for safe textiles.

We at SiMei Silk offer the finest silk-filled duvets and pillows, bedding from the most luxurious Charmeuse silk, silk-fleece blankets made from a unique silk-fleece material, and baby silk bedding products, including the sleep-improving sleeping bags for the newborn. Our selection of silk nightwear and pajamas for men and women are also made from the most lustrous mulberry silk.

At SiMei Silk, we make unremitting effort to become the most professional silk specialist to provide the finest-quality silk products for your home and your health.


SiMei Silk Luxury Silk Bedding & Accessories 

Address: Hietalahdenranta 17, 00180 Helsinki, Finland
Email: info@simeisilk.fi
Phone:+358 40 1709989

Outside business hours we are also open by appointment to meet your needs.

Our showroom is happy to serve you by appointment.
Please contact us info@simeisilk.fi      or +358 40 170 9989

Welcome to feel the luxury of silk!




Why SiMei Silk?

  • Our SiMei Silk shop is located right in downtown Helsinki (Viiskulma).  We insist that the highest-end silk needs to be touched to feel its superior quality to any other textile material. With us, you get what you see, you get what you feel.
  • We spent several years to find the highest-quality manufacturer to ensure that our silk products are the best, longest-lasting, and totally harmless and chemical-free (free of harmful chemicals and artificial colorants.)
  • We have the silk expertise and extensive knowledge of silk.
  • We have a wide range of colours, sizes and models.
  • We have personal service and expertise for you. Requests for custom sizes and color and other special requests will be fulfilled to meet all of our customers’ needs.
  • Our manufacturer provides all the required and recommended certificates for EU.
  • We are able to make quality, beauty and ecology meet: ours are the best and healthiest silk products on the market.
  • We offer full 24% VAT return Tax Free for our non-EU customers. We serve internationally any country and nation.
  • We have flexible delivery and payment terms.
  • “Chinese thousands-years old tradition and secrets of producing high-end silk meets your honesty and sensitive skin”.
  • We are proud of ourselves, work with love and desire to share the glory of silk to all.
  • Purchasing from us will join you as our special customer to receive benefits available only to them.
  • We communicate you the feeling and care only silk has on your skin.
  • Only with us you can make your bedroom complete: from silk duvets to sheets and nightwear. Drape yourself and your bedroom in silk.

Our unsurpassed quality

We spent several years to find the highest quality silk and the most skillful silk producer in the world. We can now ensure that our silk products are the best quality and that they will last for years to come. We provide exclusively only the 100% Grade AA Mulberry Silk.

China is the world's largest silk producer and supplier, where one finds hundreds of thousands of silk producers. Only very few would pass the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 testing, for example, which is a global uniform testing and certification system.

All our products obtain the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate. All our silk duvets and silk pillows are filled with 100% long-fiber mulberry silk. It is totally free of any harmful chemicals and artificial colorants.  Go for quality, go for safety, go for health.

Note that OEKO-TEX® testing focuses on the actual use of the textile. Therefore it is the strictest for items such as bedding and nightwear. The more intensive the skin contact, the stricter the requirements to be met are.

These tests include not only the fabric and textile materials but also the threads, zippers and buttons that the products use.

Sleep only in the Best Bedding!


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